I get really bad panic attacks. Today i didn't know my friends dog was in the house cause last time it was at her mums. She didn't know I'm scared of dogs. She opened the door and the dog started barking. I literally couldn't get in the house because i was that scared.

My friend decided to keep the dog in the room then her bf let the dog out because and it pissed on her bed! The dog came running towards the kitchen where we were and i was screaming and started to shake. Ive never been bitten before idk why but im just really terrified of dogs! I want to overcome it but its so hard. my friends started laughing at me cause my scream was so loud that i couldve cracked the window! I thought it was funny too afterwards.. But dogs just scare the hell out of me. Big or small!
eyeris2195 eyeris2195
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014