Terrified of Dying!!

I am 20 years old and ever since I can remember I have been absoloutly crapping myself of dying. No one seems to understand what I mean. If I see a sad movie or a sad song or I am just alone, all these things start rushing through my head. For example I count how many years I have got left Panick that I dont want to be buried, How I am going to die, when. Wishing I was never put on this earth just to go and never return again. I have severe panick atacks and get myself in to such a state. I also have a little boy who is 2 and I am constantly worried for his well being as well. I need to talk to someone about it. I would also like to try some sort of hypmotism for this wich I have heard can be done. Is anyone sharing the same thoughts as me. Please help!

suga2009 suga2009
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2009