So I am an amateur photographer, with hopes and dreams that I can one day somehow make a living from this thing I love so much... But I am riddled with self doubt and fear of failure. The majority of the time I don't feel good enough and I get discouraged so easily.

I have my first shoot coming up with someone who isn't a friend or family, and I can't sleep because my brain won't switch off with all the things I am scared of... Logically I know the things to tell myself to try and stay positive, but some days that just isn't enough.
Kiyalee Kiyalee
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Well, it's perfectly normal to be a not scared, and even if you do make mistakes, learn from them. You will perfect your craft eventually.

To be a bit* scared.

Stupid autocorrect. -_-

Yes, I know this logically... It's what I tell myself, but it doesn't make the anxiety go away at night lol. Thanks for your response :)

No problem.
If I could kill anxiety, I would. For the both of us! :D

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