Its Not Like I Havent Had The Chance.

Its not like i havent had chances , i have. lots.

Im quite pretty and therefore i get guys who like me. But im not confident and therefore dont get the ones i want. I have really high attraction level , and i also seem to want the one guy i cant get.

This is a problem because when ever i have a chance to get with or have something witha  guy i like, and likes me back , but its AHMAZING. i tel them no. and better yet i act like a complete ***** to them , ignoring them and just being rude. I dont mean to do it , but im scared to get too close incase that one guy i have  been waiting for changes his mind. I know , that will never happen. Why cant i just get with some who is atleast decent , instead of being alone. I HAVE NO IDEA. but i think it might just be my bodies way of telling me , that i am scared. Scared to fall in love.

WHo has heard of something so rediculous ? not  me , untill i realised that it was happening to me. I wish i could lower my standars but im scared  , scared i wont be good enough for even that okay guy. Scared that i will be too awkward or scared that he will like my friends more than me. Why can i not just settel for what is good. And although it isnt the one i truely want . It sure as hell is good enough.


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Thanks for that :) <br />
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what you just said , actually made alot of sense to me. Was really aspiring and made me think about what i do really want and deserve :) <br />
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thank you xo

Don't ever settle. You deserve to be loved and the person you are with deserves love as well.If you "settle" for anything less you are being unfair to yourself and to the other person. One day when you aren't paying attention and have no expectations you will probably find the love that you want.When it hits you will probably look back at how you are feeling now and be glad that you were strong enough to turn down the advances from men you aren't that into. Sometimes women who are attractive take it a bit to far and end up alone. Usually they have at some point "settled" for the wrong guy and been hurt .It is sad when they are emotionally crippled by such experiances.We all have some baggage to haul around though