Fish scares the bageebers out of me!!!!! I don't know if this is something I will gradually grow out of but they just freak me out. My mom sometimes prepares fish for dinner and I always find a way to notice it. I literally fell to the ground and backed up into a corner once after seeing it. Something about them just scares me. Maybe there creepy, glassy, and staring eyes? or their scales?or how you can see their flesh from their gills? or how some are like plump and squishy looking? or their creepy mouths that you can look through easily and see inside of them? Just thinking about this is making me sweat. Even tiny ones freek me out. I'm tooo scared to go into beaches because im scared i'll see a fish and they'll touch me. One time I went to a beach and there were dried up dead fish all along the shoreline it was gross. There were like ones where only the head was left on the skeleton and the rest of their body decayed or were eaten off. Also in elementary art class the art teacher freaking brought a big fish for us to put ink on it and press it onto a peice of paper to decorate. Do you know how terrified I was to do that?! And afterwards the paper and the room stenched of fish. My version of a super scary horror film would be ones with a fish as a main character. it's not even just fish, shrimp also scares the heck out of me. I mean look at their tiny little legs hanging out and their beady little eyes that look like they're staring at you. Ugh. I hate and am wayyyy too afraid of fish.
serinawang serinawang
16-17, F
Aug 21, 2014