When I was little I visited my uncles dairy farm. My cousin and I  decided to go exploring and went into one of the old barns. We made it to the middle of the barn before we realised that we just walked into the middle of four goose nests. By then the mother geese had already begun chasing us and I have been scared since.I took my clients to the duck pond to feed the ducks some bread and there were a ton of geese there.I started feeding them but ended up climbing onto the mini van.My co workers thought it was hilarious, but I swear those geese were trying to eat my toes. I was wearing flip flops and my skin was almost as white as the bread.The sight of a goose walking towards me strikes fear into my heart.
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1 Response Jul 27, 2007

I don't like them either, they are mean. We had them on the farm they crap everywhere.