Mini Vacation Or Life Jacket

Im so scared that all the happiness ive had over the past week is going to go right out the window tomorrow.

Last week Troy, my boyfriend, and I went on a mini vacation for out 4 year anniversary. We have been on the fritz for awhile now and that vacation seemed to have rekindled something in our relationship. One of the reasons why we have been having so much trouble is because he moved back into his moms house with his two older brothers and there has been a lot of financial stress. Hes so lively and loving when hes away from his family and im just so scared that once he gets back into that stressful house hes going ot go right back to what he was. I dont want to lose him again.
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

And i was right, he did go back to the way he was, actually he got worse. Hes starting to get a tiny bit better but right now hes been all talk no action. Hes talked about going to school and moving out but neither has really happened.