I Think Way Too Much

Yes, Troy and I have been doing better for the past 7-9 days but of course there are areas where I put effort in and he doesn't respond. This is going to sound really minuscule and a bit obsessive. When Troy is at work I text him maybe 2 times-4 at most and he rarely ever responds and when he does respond its really short. When I bring it up he always tells me how he hates texting, its a cell phone he could call me on his breaks.

The reason I said that that would sound obsessive is because we are basically together 24/7, except when hes at work or when im at work. When I try and take a break for a few days he doesnt call, e-mail, text, im ALWAYS the one to say I love you fist, ALWAYS the one to say I miss you first. Like I said I think way too much! I hate being so needy.
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He use to be into it, we use to text and call all the time but once all the drama died so did the relationship, then his business went under and the relationship went down even further. <br />
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Ive been staying at a friends place for awhile. Ive seen troy 3 times in 2 weeks, he doesnt seem to care as usual so im guessing the relationship is just going to drift into nothingness.

ya i know how that goes. some guys just arent into keeping contact 24/7. everybody has their preferences. did you say you lived together?

Yes, we've been together for 4 years. I broke it off with him to night, or at least tried to but oddly enough being the guy that he is he kept us together, im not really sure how. Apparently he really does want to be with me he just doesnt know how to properly show it or something.

Are you two officially boyfriend/girlfriend?