Heartbroken & Confused

I have been with my bf for 1yr...the 1st day i met him i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life w him. We moved in 2gther 2 months after meeting...ever since then our relationship has tooken a turn for the worst...I have caught him cheating on me multiple times and have seen pictures on his phone of other girls and pics of him he has sent to other girls...it truly breaks my heart that he could betray me when i thought he loved me! I love him so much and have decided to stay with him we are currently in couples counceling but i cant seen to forget him cheating on me. He doesnt seem to understand the extent of the damage he has caused and somehow just expects me to "get over it" How could I??? He betrayed the love and trust I had for him and now I am so confused..I dont know what to do??? Theres been so many days I just wanna end it and move on w my life but other days i dont wnna give up so easily...could it be that he gave up on "us" a long time ago? Why did he ask me to move in with him then? I dont understand if you love someone how could u betray them and cheat on them??? I will never understand why he did it...but i live my life w this on my mind every second of every single day :(
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2012

I may be only 16 but I no you deserve better and if you haven't you should get out of there, find someone who treats you like a princess, who doesn't need someone else behind your back & just someone who you can trust!

r u still there?