Scared To Try Again

I have been apart from my ex for 2 years now (after finding out he cheated and got the mistress pregnant) and i think im ready to try another relationship, but i dont want the next person to suffer for what my ex did. I really like this guy but i can honestly say that i have trust issues. i want to try i just dont know how to do it in a healthy way. Help plz!!!!!!
BeauAmour BeauAmour
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 12, 2012

Hate to say that's life , he just one of many u will met until u meet the right one . When u do , u will look back and say thanks dude(s) u did me, a favorite leaving . So stop feeling sad for your him, he move on , your crying for him that he will never see u in your hairdo etc, that how we female are silly.. we crying for them not for us ....give the next guy a chance , if the a jerk move , learn from them , how they think, how they treat a women , respect your self dont give in so easy , be a lady ... good lucky ..