My Past Relationship Experiences!!!!!

At the age of 19 while going to high school i were always hoping that 1 day i would find a really cute and handsome guy and fall in love and get married, after a year have passed i met this police officer who use to come around when school were over and a few times i have noticed him looking at me and at that time i were scared, and going into a relationship was something i have never done before. after some months have passed i got to know him and we got to like each other and he asked for us to live together,for the first time living together with this person i once loved so much it felt so good thinking it would've lasted a lifetime but then everything started changing between us, from him drinking to coming home late from work, being very controlling and last but not least ABUSIVE,i stayed in this relationship for almost 2 yrs just hoping that 1 day he would change back to the person i once knew him to be but i realized that the person i thought i knew was fake and this was the real person that he was..i said to myself that im worth more than being abused by this person and then to know he's having sex with me and i have to pretend im so enjoying it was even worse...when i realized that i couldn't take it anymore i left and decided to stay single for a while until i met my 2nd boyfriend which i met over a phone call, after a few months have passed we have decided to meet 1 another and finaly get to see 1 another in person to decide were we should go from there now. he was really nice to me and to mention we have been true alot of difficulties in our relationship until i found out later on that he cheated on me twice and i still accepted what he did and still wanted the realtionship because i really loved him alot...april last year i found out after getting tested that im HIV positive and decided that i couldn't go along with this relationship anymore knowing that i might be cheated on again so we both decided to go seperate ways although we just lived together for a while as friends it was really hard for me as well and then came my dream boyfriend the person that im living with next story tells of how i met my dream boyfriend :)
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Wow. Sorry your first relationship was like that, man. At 19 if you're not already experienced you can make some very bad choices. You know that though. I'm happy you found someone though. As for being HIV positive, you look very healthy and we're still young. There are great treatments out there and I'm sure you're getting the medical care you need. It's not a death sentence anymore at all. Just stay positive and take care of yourself because in the end that's really all we can do. We can try to take care of other people but if they're not willing to take care of themselves there's just not that much that can be done.