21 Questions

1. Do you love me?

2. Are we going to get together soon?

3. Why aren't you answering me?

4. Are you there?

5. Can I talk to you about something?

6. Do you want to know how I feel about you?

7. Are you listening to me?

8. Do you know how much you affect me?

9. Will you take this pain away?

10. How many ways can I say "I do"?

11. How many ways can i show that i love you?

12. How can I please you today?

13. How much longer do I have to wait?

14. This is the right thing to do right?

15. Are we going to last?

16. Do you plan to love me forever?

17. Am I nagging?

18. How much do I mean to you?

19. Am I the only one?

20. Am I what you want?

21. Do you love me?

Pandora7Asylum Pandora7Asylum
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2012