Past, Present, Future.

My past isn't that great. It's not full of people who love me and cherish my life. It's not full of roses and tulips. It's full of misery and depression. I've been asked out, out of pity. I've asked out guys and got rejected A LOT. It all started in 4th grade, and I was diagnosed with Depression in 5th grade. I have ADHD, depression, and I'm Bi-Polar. I need coffee to function right, but it kicks my ADHD and I act like a Peanut Gallery. :P

My present is okay. I recently just went through a break up. We went out for 2 weeks. Then he broke up with me for his best friend, "Kitty Kat." I like people, and I'm hoping someone will come along and sweep me off my feet. Lift me higher than the sky. The sky is not the limit. I don't fancy myself, but people think I do. I am bullied right now. It sucks. I think about suicide, but Make It Stop by Rise Against keeps me away from it. I'm still afraid of myself.

My future. Well, like everyone else's, is unknown.
Whisperedcries2 Whisperedcries2
13-15, F
Sep 16, 2012