Yeah. That's Right. I Was Scared Celibate...

After years of avoiding, ignoring, dismissing and suppressing my desires for closeness, warmth and intimacy with another human—in my case, a man—I realize now, my fears morphed into neglect a long time ago. I've spent too many years neglecting, depriving and stifling my own basic and instinctual human need for affection, tenderness and passion. I'm thinking now, I'm not so scared of getting hurt, anymore.  It's the regret that chews away at me, now.  Now, I'm scared my time to experience new adventures, warm feelings, sensuality, romance—or even love—is running out.
                               To be continued... maybe.
flyinfish flyinfish
51-55, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

I feel the same way, Flyin... I'm 43 this year. Spent a total of 17 years in long distance relationships. But I want to be touched, kissed, held... for real. I'm so sad that I let fear hold me back... I just don't know how to attract what I want.