A Broken Heart

I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll start with my first real boyfriend: It was the during the school year of March. March 14 to be exact. After about 2 months of a crappy relationship, but still feel for him, he ended it. We started to talk again right before Thanksgiving. When ended up going out again. Big mistake. I fell in love with him. We fought a lot. Just like any regular relationship. After tears and love for him for about 6 months, i had to go to camp. a week without my phone which meant a week without talking to him. I cried because of that. I left to go to camp. Made A LOT of new friends, but was happy to actually get to talk to him. When i got back, he told me that he had cheated. I cried and cried and cried til my eyes hurt. He started to ignore me afterwards even when I had pour my heart out to him. I got hurt twice by the same guy. I'm so scared to fall in love again because I'm afraid this will happen to me again. I'm not in a relationship, but i have a "pre-boyfriend" I guess you would call it. I get scared when he talks to other girls. I get mad and assume that he is flirting with them. i can't explain myself because I don't want to chase him away by whining about my life story. i try to control myself, but I can't. I just am scared. Scared of getting hurt again.
CyannBlue CyannBlue
13-15, F
Oct 5, 2012