Danger Of Close Proximity

Well tonight I spoke with my exbf, Scott about the pain and anger towards him I've been feeling. He didn't seem worried or even that he really cared how I felt really. I encouraged him to tell me how he felt after hearing that I felt he had given up on us and I was mad and dissappointed. He just countered and said he didn't give up on us just unsure what his future would be and didn't want to hang on when there was a possibility that he'd be living in another state. He couldn't handle saying we're still together when there's a big question mark in our futures. Now, just recently he says there's a possibility that he could have his small business in our state again and that he may be back by December. It's never been a real posibility until now and I'm not sure how it would be after thinking that he and I would be seperated by the distance in the future. It definitely scares me to think that we could get back together because I'm just not sure if we'd be good for one another....it's weird to think after all this time and heartbreak he could come back to stay. It's been a really tough 8 months without him and eventhough I miss and love him I don't want to be with him the same way it was. I have gotten used to him being there and I'm here. Is this strange? I guess it just makes me feel uneasy not knowing for sure where I stand in his life, literally.
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Lovers come and go but love stays.Don't be obsess with one and there are many who may be in tune with you

grantmepeaceplease had this post:
If he misses you, he'll call
If he wants you, he'll say it.
If he cares, he'll show it.
And if not, he can't be worth
your time because you're
obviously not worth his.

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Doesn’t it seem logical that he does not care for you the same way you care for him? Obviously the rest of us are not seeing the entire picture, but you had mentioned previously that he was not really into your phone calls. I can remember that when I was in the service long before unlimited minutes that I had to stay on base most of the time because I spent all my money calling my fiancée. I have driven 9 hours each way to see her for 12 and I do not think what I did was unusual. When he left it sounded like he wanted to be able to do his thing whatever that was.
Sorry for being somewhat negative, but do not want you to get hurt the second time. Unless you want to and that would not be unheard of either. Love can make us do strange things.

yeah I know~ I've been up and down and all around and feel like a yo yo. It's not as simple as not caring....he does. We talk at least twice a week these days.
He left for a somewhat noble reason and I completely get it and that he cared enough about me not to uproot me and I know he loves me still because his actions show it.
I just think he hides his pain trying to be strong plus he just isn't as emotional as I am. We're different people fundamentally and it's probably a big part of why we're attracted to one another. I'm just afraid we may be too different to be in anything but a long term friendship. It's just hard telling my heart that I fear that we cannot comfortably be more than friends. It's pretty hard on both ends really. The reality is just hard to comprehend and though through time I know this to be true, it's just so hard to really face. I get weepy just thinking about it. Thanks....I really appreciate your concern and also your understanding that sometimes people have a hard time letting go. I definitely am, but it's only because he's touched me so deeply while we were together. He loved me so much and I felt it. So much more than anyone ever before. I'll get through it over time, no doubt. Everyday it gets easier ~

I know you will. You may be a little emotional because you care soooo much, but you have a very strong inner strength.