I Put My Hope to a Relationship That Didn't Last

recently, i involved myself in a dating game... for the first time i found a guy that i really like, he is the one i believe i am looking for. i know that i am choosy,  had had relationship in the past but when i met this guy i said to myself that he is the one for me.

believing that the dating is getting more progress, i hope so much. and we both believe at first that relationship is at best when founded in friendship. as time goes by our friendship grew into more intimate one. he used words that made me fall for him more and made me believed him so much. since i am a woman with very open mind, i let him do things what he wanted and figure it out more about his feelings for me....and so he left for two weeks and went to another country.

after 2 weeks we met again.....

and told me in front of my face that he is not in love withme. worst, he is inlove with another woman.

i did everything to make the relationship went smoothly as possible. i was patient to him and act as a real partner in life.

i was inlove with him much... i never gave so much time and atention to a man before in mylife.


yes, there were many issues in his life but i accepted them all.

now, i am recovering from pain. i tried to win him back but i lost him. i lost the battle.

i'm not sure if i will ever find another man like him. it is painful, it cut my heart deeply. i am wounded and i am afraid to love again in the moment.

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4 Responses Sep 10, 2009

I know exactly how you feel. I recently entered into a relationship with a woman that I thought was "The One". It turned out that she was not only married but, all she wanted was a friend with benefits. Our friendship was like a fairytale, too good to be true. We always had a good time and great sex. Last time I saw her she told me that she did not want to be in a serious relationship with me, then she moved over seas. I was crushed but, I figure that if it was meant to be , she will attempt to come back to me. It may hurt like hell but, it's probably best to walk away and move on. Trust that you will find somebody new but, protect your heart with your new guy. I take my past heart ache as a lesson learned, I should have taken more time to get to know the girl before I got so deeply involved.

just had my heart broken recently too it;s hard wish I wasn't such a feelig guy!

thanks babe... sometimes it is better not to try and get hurt at tye end but that's cowardly anyway

Isn't this so much-The human condition? Sad when it happens to you. There is someone out there for you. He is looking for you right now. God Bless!