I am 26, married, and living in a house with my husband with a stable income. I am just scared that I am making a mistake if I have a baby. I don't know if you heard that Kim Kardashian is expecting (shouldn't she wait until she's divorced?) and it was a HUGE deal. I'm scared that if I get pregnant, I won't be as happy as celebrities. I know it sounds superficial, but think about it.
I work for a magazine and celebrities always say 'I'm so happy I'm pregnant!' or 'I am so in love with my baby!'. I'm scared that I won't be happy, or my husband won't be happy, or my family won't be happy. Also, I'm scared I'll get PPD.

I'm sorry I sound neurotic, but this is a major event in someone's life and I don't want to disappoint people.

If someone could comment and tell me I'm crazy, I would really appreciate it.
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When your pregnant its between you and your partner, everyone else whether they like it or not cant decide for you, when you have a baby you will be forced to grow up, you will also look past your ideal of when and how or what your baby will be, your baby is special unique and you can't pick and choose who they will become you will just be there for him or her who will grow up and share the bond of love a new family member who will one day look after you and give you grand children.

Scared, yes that describes it. But why are you scared ? Ah ! Because you think he won't be happy about a baby, or you won't be able to care for it properly, or your friends and family don't want you to get pregnant.
Sounds normal, Yes I remember those feelings. When she first told me, I didn't know how to react, How did she feel about it? I mean if she didn't want to be pregnant then I shouldn't show joy. If she was excited and happy then I shouldn't be upset. Yet when it happened suddenly those things were less important. I can't say at first I was overjoyed but I wasn't upset either. We had been making love for a while and now we had something more to share. Oh the scared didn't go away. BS.. shittin my pants everyday with fear, would I be able to support financially, How would I do this or that ? How would I cope ? I did and she did, we did as will you and the millions before and the millions after. Once it happens everything else falls in place. Yes, there will be hard times and yes this fear will be replaced with others, but that bundle of helplessness will turn into a bundle of joy and what you have felt of love before will dim in comparison to the brilliance that will come with pregnancy and a baby.

Thank you, it's comforting to know that these feelings are normal.

That is good advice. A lot of people don't know if they are ready to take on something big, and when the time comes, they crumble (sometimes).

I really appreciate it :)