Fear of Pregnacy Affects My Life

I have a deep seated fear of pregnancy. I really do not want children. I know there is birth control, but I am afraid of that failing. I feel more comfortable if I use condoms and birth control, but so many men seem to not want to use them! I really have been hesitant to have any kind of sexual life because I am afraid of getting pregnant.


I really don't want to have kids. I have only ever had one sexual experience, with the same man. I would want to be in a committed relationship with a man before I had sex. I use Nuvaring. I'm editing again lol. I have had sex once, and I used condoms. I feel that men must use condoms, but so many of them seem reluctant to do that! That's why I feel it's difficult for me to get into a relationship. I don't sleep around, like I said I've been with one guy, I'm twenty-three and that was three years ago. I insisted on condoms with spermicide!

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ChihuahuaSweetheart Im sacred of getting pregnant ever either. In fact I planned my whole life out about that. In a few years when I'm settled and will be in my early twenties I will go to my doctor and get my eggs frozen. I only plan on having children through a sergate mother, but that's in my mid-30s. I plan on getting married if ever at about 33. So you are perfectly alright being scared of children and no one is forcing you to have children at all. Screw the social norms <3 and in terms of men not liking condoms, make sure to tell the guy before things get hot and heavy in bed that you want him to wear a condoms every time you hav sex, or else there won't be any sex at all. And explain briefly that it is both parties responsibility weather you get pregnant or not so he has to use a condom and you use birth control. Say, "well I'm sure youre not ready to be a father right now and I'm not ready to be a mother". Be blunt. Guys will understand and they'll b the one buying the condoms ;) b consistent w this, it always works :)

don't have sex

Hey little doggie...<br />
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"I feel more comfortable if I use condoms and birth control, but so many men seem to not want to use them!" <br />
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I think you need to be a little heavier handed with your thought on condom usage....<br />
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You should NEVER be having sex with somebody without one until you are in a long term committed relationship...<br />
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You are playing with your life here at worst, or a lifetime of treatment at best...<br />
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Be careful...<br />

Talk to your doctor about The Pill... it's as close as you can come to having no-pregnancy sex.

This is an interesting fear. I know that is not the best way to put it. Is it that you are afraid of what the pregnancy will do to your body; possibly that you know you aren't ready to be a mother and know you don't want kids ever; or is it that you are just scared of the unknown of it?<br />
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I think maybe talking these things through with a partner would help them be more willing to wear a condom if you asked, plus it is just smart to use a condom if you have multiple partners anyway. I would have my little HIV pamphlets out for anyone who didn't want to wear a condom. Then I would turn it on the back and say "look, do you want to become one of these statistics? I don't so no condom then no sex." and I would leave it at that. (Just an idea)<br />
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I really wish you well in discovering why this is happening and being able to deal with it going forward.