9 Months And 15 Yrs Old

I'm 15 yrs old, nine months pregnant &36 weeks with a girl and I'm really scared to have my baby next month in FEB. Everyone tells me i have to be ready mentally. I'm a nervous reck because she's almost here! oh and I'm trying to be strong about it the best way i can. I've been strong these whole nine months, now i'm just scared
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Wow, how are you going to afford it?

Birth is scary and amazing, I was 35 and I was like " holy crap this is impossible" but it's amazing and being a mom rules , you'll be great!

OH! the doctors may refuse the epidural because of your age to make a point. Oh HELL NO! Have your parents MAKE them give you the epidural!

I was 17 when I had my first. If I have any advice to give you it is this...1- Never forget that you made the CHOICE to bring your child into the world. Now it is up to you that you never forget that choice and realize your life, for the next 18 years, is about your child's happiness and well being. 2- Babies cry. Especially when they are cold. They have spent 10 months in 98 degrees and when they come out its freezing. They love the sound of your heartbeat and being warm. 3- Don't bring man drama into the kids life and stay with your parents for as long as you can (assuming they are good parents). You will do much damage to your baby by dating all the time and being emotionally upset. 4- Get your education to support your child. I wish someone would have told me all this stuff. It would have saved me a lot of stupid mistakes.

Good luck and God bless.

To me giving birth wasn't as scary as being responsible for someone else. It's amazing how being a mom just kicks in naturally. I have three boys and one girl and don't regret one minute of the pain during delivery or all those sleepless nights. My kids are my life. A child is God's greatest gift. I wish you the best.