It's Limiting

As long as I'm not falling, in danger or falling or the like, I can tolerate heights. It limits my life somewhat. For example, when in Sydney, I would like to do the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Apparently it's the "Climb of Your LIfe". Well, not mine. I doubt I would feel safe climbing over the TOP of the bridge! At 134 metres about Sydney Harbour, I think I would pretty much be petrified! All you tourists out there who are not like me should definitely give this one a look. The view would be amazing.

I realised I was like this when I was a kid and wanted to climb the garden shed. I got up but getting down was a problem, I screamed for someone to GET ME DOWN.

Later on in life I thought maybe I could give it another try when I was feeling particularly brave. We had a loose fascia on the roof, near the gable that had been blown off by a strong gust of wind. It was really bothering me, especially since it was in plain sight. I figured it wouldn't be long before the neighbours started wondering why the hell we just let the damn thing sit up there. So I got on a ladder and climbed up on the roof. Once I was up there, that horrible feeling descended upon me like a plague. This part of the roof was steeply pitched. I lost my footing coming down and had to look down to get my bearings. Well, it took another half an hour to get down after that! My legs turned to jelly. So better not to go up at all if coming down could be a problem: moral of my story!

41-45, F
3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Crazy. I just freeze. My heart would probably stop beating before I landed anyway.

I hate heights but managed to go free rock climbing,caving and abseilling ! Mostly roped on when climbing though.Its not the fall that's the problem.Its the landing ! LOL.

I hope you really find a way to top this fear, Hugs livingwell