I About Have A Panic Attack I Know Sounds Crazy Lol

Heights is my biggest fear next to spiders .....I live in North Carolina so have to drive on mountains terrifies me the big drop offs I freak out getting up in my loft start cold sweating and heart racing and just thinking the worse OMG im gonna fall Im gonna die i hate that im this way but can remember always being this way my very first and last ferris wheel ride when i was like 8 years old lol so im relieved to see others share same fears
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Hey, this is funny...also a NC girl here and also scared to pieces of the mountain road drop offs. I'm a nervous wreck whenever we visit Boone/Banner Elk. Hence my EP screen name -- SouthernMermaid -- I'm your consummate flat lander, simply adore the ocean and everything about water. Don't care if I never see the mountains, ha!

I am not afraid of heights at all...but when i have an attack i am terrified...i also get extremely claustrophobic during an attack...which doesn't happen any other time....does anybody else have these conditions???

Acrophobia is a treatable condition. Have you been diagnosed by a psychiatrist?

I am sorry you have such a Drastic fear of heights, I could help you conquer that fear, at least to make it more tolerable, sorry can't help you with the spider thing as I hate them!

Sorry about your fear of heights... But, you DO live in my favorite part of the country! I spent a week last year hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Deep Gap (near Georgia border) to Fontana Lake. I would love to live there some day.

I have the same fear... roller coasters, tall buildings... it doesn't matter. I simply do not like being up that high.

We all battle our own fears.....our own inner demons...whatever we want to call it.
As long as we don't let them control our lives or our decisions, then we have learned to live with them......being a fireman, a lot of people think I don't have many fears....totally untrue.....I've been scared too many times...
Those individuals that claim they have ..."No Fear".....are lying to themselves....they are scared they will see inside themselves and not like what they see....
Fear is good.....it keeps us safe.

I can relate, sometimes when I drive i get it, and being up high gets me also, I feel I have to grab on to things to get thru it but I do, not easy as you know, Kiss!

My wife is very scared of heights and so is my son. Me the higher the better for me, I love the view from up high. And this a very common fear, so you are not alone.

i am afraid of heights to i will sweet to my heart races i hate heights

add me please thanks

Then why r u living where yur living? ....not very BRIGHT on your part ..is it

I'm not a fan of the ferris wheel or anything like that. I'm not a huge fan of heights but I do like being in the mountains. I do sometimes feel a bit uneasy about it.

PS. I HATE spiders too.

Damn baby...it's like your in my head. My biggest fear is heights followed by spiders! LOL that's is crazy that I finially found someone that shares these fears with me. Thanks for the add sexy, your beauty is stunning.

I don't care for the spiders here in NC either, but make do with sprays and stuff to get rid of them. As I've aged, yeah, the heights are something I don't do as well with anymore. I have lived on the coast and in the mountains. Now I'm in central NC

You ain't gonna die from those falls, it's just your mind making excuses to go into overdrive mode. I've been on planes literally dozens of times, and for someone with a fear of heights, I realized it's just me, nothing else.

r u up 4 six flags ?? :)

Try having to photograph something on the ledge of a cathedral belltower with spiders hanging all over the place.

maybe one day we can go to the mountains and help your fears

Not scared of heights, witch is odd since one of my most common nightmares has always been falling. The other is being chased, but unabel to run. Now I do share your fear of spiders.

I am not afraid of the heights so much as i am sure I am going to fall!<br />
When my son was about 3 yrs old we took him to the fair,, he wanted to go in the farris wheel, and I did not want to go! My son insisted he want to go up with his Dad. So that being me, I had to take him up. During the loading, we ended up on top, and there was some problem with some womans safety gate, it would not latch. So My son and I are at the top. He is crawling all over the place, and under the safety harness. I am trying to hang on, but need to hold him so he does not fall. Then our safety latch releases. That was it, I had a major panic attack.! No more for me, that was it.

When I was younger I used to have panic attacks tho they are very scary would get funny feeling in stomac then heart start to race not a good feeling .I finally started to realize I was causing myself to get nervous it finally went away .

Never been scared of heights Hope you have someone too hold your hand most of the time.

dam know what you mean .I cant go to fair grounds or watch things about heights on tv or climb a ladder etc .I cringe just watching others do it .I cant even go near windows if I am in a tall building makes me feel dizzy and nauseous.