Don't Look Down... But I Just Have To!

I don't feel too guilty about fearing heights, it's sensible and evolutionary.

I don't have many problems with natural highs - up trees, on mountains, peering over cliffs - it's the man-made stuff that really gets to me.  Tightropes between skyscrapers would be my worst scenario.  I've flown, with occasional stomach slumps when I suddenly realise where I am, and that's  not too bad.  I'm not sure if I'd stop myself doing something through fear of being up high?  It's unlikely anyone will offer me a high paying job cleaning the pigeon crap off of cranes so it's fairly harmless fear.

But, to practice, if I stare at this photograph for a couple for seconds, my shoulders hunch, I get a bubble of nothingness filling my head a few inches above my eyes.  Something dead slides slowly down my spine.  I know I could never do this.  Never.  This is what my nightmares are like.

CrookedMan CrookedMan
Dec 23, 2011