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Heights... :0

I'm absolutely terrified of heights. I once was to this summer camp where we were made to come down this about 50 feet high tower just by some rope. Before we started they asked if some was scared of heights. Some people announced they were and the man asking just said "Fine, you'll get over it since the only way down is along the wall and not on the stairs you climbed up"... :D I was absolutely terrified the first roundsI came down but by the end I almost learned to enjoy it. Still, if I had to do it again sometime, I would be just as terrified as I was before.
IdontKnowEther IdontKnowEther 22-25, M 2 Responses Jan 15, 2012

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Thank you!<br />
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I've been thinking about it for years - I live close to a superb footpath along the South English coast, but there are a few parts I find a bit too exposed. The path is fine but you have the nearby edge and height in your peripheral vision all the time. <br />
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I would love to be able to walk on ridges like Striding Edge in the Lake District and The Cuillins on the Isle of Skye, but they are far beyond me.<br />
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An effect of fear is physical as well as mental tension, even a sort of paralysis, which makes overcoming the problem even harder.

I assume you mean descending by abseiling.<br />
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I don't like heights either, a fear that cramps my caving, but like others in the same situation find the worst part is approaching the rope and going over the edge. After that I relax and can even enjoy the view - after all, the only way is down, in a controlled manner, on the rope. (By controlled I mean steadily, not in gung-ho leaps and bounds that may be necessary in a commando raid but are bad practice elsewhere.)<br />
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I don't think we ever overcome such fears completely, but we can learn to control them by repeating the actions reasonably frequently. <br />
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Some say you need fear to be cautious, but I disagree. I am cautious when using a hazardous machine-tool or welding equipment, but I'm not afraid of it. You need to think rationally to be cautious, and fear makes that harder.

You are so right! I see you've been thinking to this.