Wish I Wasn't Afraid Of Heights But I Am

I've always been afraid of really high heights but it seems worse as I got older.  It's the worst when I'm out in the open air like near the edge of a extreme drop off. You know those beautiful scenic views where people stop my the side of the road?  That can seem like a death experience at time. Yeah, a bit like a panic attack.   Walk across a high bridge on foot. I'll just have a heart attack and die!

Flying in planes can possibly be a terrible experience or maybe not. Put me in one of those regional flights where you only have one row on one side and two on the other.. that'll freak me out.  Flying on those big planes are never a problem. Where's my pillow? I'm going to sleep. Flying at night, never a problem.
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1 Response Apr 10, 2012

I'm good until I get to about 40 feet