You Won't Get Me Up There

I have always had this fear as far back as I can remember if I climb a ladder for instance I know immediately if I have gone to high because I just freeze and find that I can not move at all. And then if I make the mistake of looking down that's it the dizziness start's. So I try my best at all costs to keep away from high places because the last time I got stuck the fire service had to get me down and that was very embarrassing.
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46-50, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2012

Me too guess what? I couldn't even climb the sand dumb at the beanc without freezing up I nearly made it to the top but when I looked back and saw how far my mom was I laid down and started crying and my brother and sisters left me and went to the top. My mom took a picture of us and you can see me laying down scared lol I was about 9 or 10 but to today I still am afraid of heights. I cant even watch others go up heights!