Jump It!

Yesterday... OMG I LIVED!! IM ALIVE!! *kiss everyone and hold them close in bear hug* I AM ALIVE!!!

OMG. So, being as lazy as I am we decided to start jumping the wall the seperates my aprtment complex from my grandmas. (Ya I know I shouldve already learned this when I was younger, Im the only person I know who grew up where I did and never learned, but hey I didnt need to so :-P) Anyway, weve b...een doing it for a while now and it isnt very hard (I use the holes and climb up *hehe*) I was so proud of myself for being able to get up and over that yesterday, my ***. *rolls eyes* Decided to try to jump it going to my grama's. I got on the wall no problem, but then
i made a rookie error. I looked down,. The drop was at least double my height! I sat on that damn wall so determined to get down. (FOr those of you who are thinkin Im blowin this out of proprtion: **** OFF Im Scared OF HEIGHTS) anyways, It wsnt that bad at first, I tried to jump facing out but then I started thinkin about all the way I could die from this. or break a bone. Fianlly OI started to jump.... and my gram clled I told her what I was attemoting and she laughed at me ( great suport gram ) After I gained enough courage to attempt going down facing the wall ,she called again! I jumped rite back on my perch adn she laughed her *** off again at my expense.. (so nice tha woman) OF cousre a normal person wouldve said **** it, got off and walked around. Ibut by then I was like "ok look. you already got your fat butt up here and now everyone done seen you tryna jump it like you bad. Now you gotta. " (damn self always makein me do stuff )*Pouts*
SO.. I did. I jumped and landed be-a-u-tifully. If I might add. didnt even twist my ankle. lol.See More
gentlluv gentlluv
22-25, F
Aug 25, 2012