Never Use To Be.

I am pretty sure I know where my fear has come from, I just don't know what to do about it. I was (still am) married to an electrician and being a typical tradesman I was usually the one who changed the light bulbs "I'll do it later darl" was a constant comment lol. So to save time I'd do it myself.

My husband was killed in a fall from height work accident 3yrs ago and now I can't even bring myself to stand on a chair' I have turned into a scared little rabbit over heights and because of this now I either put up with a blown light bulb or have to make myself ask a friend to do it for me pathetic huh.

Miss him so much the impact on my life has hit in some unexpected places like my newly developed fear of heights. I am not good at asking for help especially over silly things like lights.

stillgrieving stillgrieving
2 Responses Dec 10, 2009

hi. it's not silly. we are human beings. pulmonory hypertension took my mother. I am scared of those health problems. they kill a living good hearted person without thinking twice. I dont have any addicitons, any bad habits because I am afraid. I think they will kill me. they just need a reason and I dont want to give them any. thank you for sharing.

{HUGS} my condolences to you. nope, not silly at all! you've experienced first hand what kind of tragedy could happen. in time it'll become easier, just for now you'll be overly cautious and that's okay!