I Am Very Scared...

Iam scared. I have always been scared. I must admit it. but only reason I call myself brave warrior is because I haven't quit. and I read some quotes that facing these troubles instead of ending our life requires great courage.

I don' know what brought this fear into me. I think it's because repeated failures. These failures lowered my confidence and I found out this Destiny and Fate thing which I hate.

I am afraid to do everything- to meet new people, to drive out, to take risks. I am afraid to find answers to some questions. I can't hear the truth. I am extremely afraid to think about my future..that's why I like to go into those memories of my childhood..they were the good old days..just can't be sure about my survival. now only a miracle can change my attitude but that only happens in the films and stories. Real people die without getting any rewards for their good deeds. I hate all this system and god but I am helpless.  

Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

u will be alright bro--- it all ends the same for everyone anyway