Scared Of The Moments That Fly By

I'm scared of the moments that fly by when I'm not with you, my true love. I wish i met you sooner, so u had someone when you went through the worst, and as I'm here... your not. I know you love me, eventhough you don't tell me you do unless i say it first. I know you think I'm beautiful, even though you cant physically show it, which is ok bcause you never say i'm beautiful to me, unless i call myself ugly. In my eyes, you're to perefect for me, I'm just a 5'10", 125pounds fatass ugly as **** blue eyed girl, that has brown hair and half of it died blonde. I'm just ugly to me, and even though you say i'm 'beautiful' you say it through a text, not to my face. i get that you're a furry and i LOVE that about you, because i love u for you, but even though you dont physically show it, at least mentally think about it and say im pretty once in awhile. i'm scared of loosing you when i don't hear from you .. My friends say it's a guy thing not to respond to us girls when we call or text. But i need to know if your ok, or if you still love me the same way you did yesterday. i know you trust me and i trust you .. i love you hun.. i'm just scared of the moments that fly by, that i might loose you, that i might loose my love.
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2011

I do think its important to feel some love within yourself to keep going, I hope things go well. I can understand how it feels to feel ugly and not see what others do. You will have to understand that if you don't love yourself and see yourself in a good way your attitude will also reflect to the ones you try to connect with and for some push them away or drive them away. I hope you get the love you deserve and wish to receive.

that is true, and ill hav to work on loving myself the way i love others, your very wise, by what you'v written. and thank you for your wisdom. :)

I'm sorry your bf doesn't say you're pretty in your face. Guys don't like to be chased by girls. They like to do the chasing. This can be hard if you feel unsure if he loves you. Then you want the reassurance from him and start texting and calling him. In general this doesn't work. He won't respond. Now you're even more insecure. Feel less attractive and need even more assurance. When you think of yourself as ugly, it will be hard to believe a guy finds you beautiful. Even if he says it or text it, you won't believe him. What can you do to make yourself more beautiful to you? What do you like about the way you look? You write "I love u for you". How can you be as loving to yourself? Most of us didn't have perfect parents who were able to love us for who we were. When we grow older we search for that perfect love outside of ourselves. But if we find it inside, love ourselves a bit more every day, it can never leave us. It's not easy to do but neither is finding love somewhere else.