My Boyfriend Is An Illegal Hispanic

He was here in the United States for 13 years and 6 weeks ago ICE found him and he is currently awaiting deportation back to Honduras. This is his 2nd time in 13 years that he has been deported. He didn't do anything wrong this time around except for a "violation of probation" because 4 years ago he got a DUI, got deported and was placed on probation here. Either way I care for him alot and I'm scared of him coming back to the USA because if he got caught again when we have been together much longer and maybe have a child by then, he could be facing prison time. And that would be up to 20 years I think? So my options are to either leave the US and go to Honduras or have him come back which is a huge risk. (And we could try to find an immigration lawyer, but I don't think he could help because he's already going to be banned from the US for 20 years.) So I feel stuck. I don't want to lose my love or leave him, but I don't know what can be done to resolve this. And the idea of going to Honduras sounds fun, but I'd be moving to a third world country and probably end up struggling for the rest of my life. I don't know....I'm really stuck.
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I can totally relate where you are coming from. My boyfriend had also gone through a similar situation, although he has not been here as long as yours. I for one, am willing to give up everything here for him and live in another country of it means I can be with him. Im trying to figure out the whole papers thing myself So I cannot really offer any advice from that end, but I will say the best of luck of to you, and I hope everything works out for the both of you :)

you will have to do the same many others have to done and leave here