of him leaving me either for someone else or just because he's sick of being with me. It scares the heck out of me but I can't help it. Plus sometimes, I get paranoid that there's someone else already.
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I understand. I have been cheated on too, and I have had other things go wrong in relationships. Those issues still follow me, and often find myself getting into fits of paranoia, and nutting up at my boyfriend. For instance I once called him ten times in one hour. Then after i have made a complete fool of myself, the lights come on and I realize that it is not him, that it is my own fear. So I've explained my past to him, and how badly I have been hurt. This has helped a lot because now he knows, and understands why I weird out sometimes. So, I would suggest telling him about what you've been through. That way he will know that this is a sensitive area for you, and to be more considerate of your feelings.

I do love him - more than he'll ever know! I'm sure he thinks I'm perfectly secure in our relationship because I don't keep pestering him about it.<br />
<br />
And don't worry about my stupid ex - he wasn't the right guy for me anyway! I deserve someone better and I've found him.

That is a hard feel to conquer and i am sorry someone did that to you. If you love this person you have to try .

I've already asked and he keeps reassuring me. I think I'm just paranoid because my ex cheated with his ex-girlfriend behind my back before he split up with me.

Well just confront him and ask, I'm sure you're just being paranoid as you say. It would be good for you to get any doubts out of your mind. I think maybe you become an annoying partner if you're walking around being worried all the time, I think he will sense it and get tired of it. So ask him and get it out of the world, that's the best thing you can do for yourself if you won't leave him straight away (which I'm sure you wouldn't dream of, just sayin'). Good luck