Can We Lay Here Forever?

Shes my favorite girl, and if you promise not to say a thing, I want to buy that girl a diamond ring. I didnt know what I was missing intill I saw your eyes. So as we lay, you curled up against me, with your small hands resting on my chest, I cant help but ask God if we could lay here like this forever.

Just for now, we can forget about all the cuts and scars on your wrists. Forget the tears, forget the pain, forget the things that have happend. Forget it all. For right now, on this bed, I can keep you safe, I can protect you.

I'm just sitting here, running my fingers through her hair, studying her breath taking features. Her small, skinny figure makes her seem so fragile, breakable almost. Her scars decorate her pale complexion, highlighting her delicate wrists. Her hair cascades around her slim shoulders, reaching down to the middle of her back. I remember waking up so many mornings with it tickling my face. She smells faintly of soap and shampoo. I run my large, rough hands over the surface of her smooth skin, traveling the length of her arms, fingers barely brushing her cheeks, careful not to wake her up as I return to the hypnotizing motion of running my fingers through her hair.

She is beautiful, I think to myself, as my eyes run over every detail of her face, taking it all in. The dark circles under your eyes, your long, dark eye lashes. Your eyes, large, beautiful. I picture them opening, reveling their amazing light blue color, contrasting with the almost golden color around her pupils, these are the eyes I find myself getting lost in. I gently tap her nose, cold as always. My eyes wander to her lips, pale and ever so slightly parted. I recall their shape when shes smiling, she has such a beautiful smile.

I wish things could be better, I wish I could be the one to kiss her, bury my face in her hair, mumbling my love to her intill we both fall asleep. I wish I could keep her in my arms, and call her mine. But this is as close as I'll ever get. She is an angel, she is my heaven on earth, and I never want to loose her. Ill just tell her I love her when shes not listening and look forward to these perfect moments I have with her.

jaggedjack jaggedjack
18-21, M
Aug 6, 2012