Loosing Loved Ones

I have always been scared about loosing people that I love. Maybe that is because I have

lost some already! My first husband was only twenty one when he died. My second

husband died in his early forties. We had four children , and he took his own life.

My nephew was only twenty when he was killed in a car wreck four years ago! So I have

dealt with death. And it can't have anyone else in my life!


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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Thanks honey I needed that! I am glad that we are <br />
<br />
friends too. I am so glad that both of us met someone!<br />
<br />
After my husband died (my youngest was ten) I decided<br />
<br />
not to date until she was grown. I really had already<br />
<br />
had my share of men in my life by then. So that was<br />
<br />
easy! I was able to concentrate on them and their <br />
<br />
lessons , ballet ect. Now that they are all grown and I <br />
<br />
even have my lovely grandsons , I am happy that I have <br />
<br />
met someone. And I am happy for you too.<br />
<br />
We are lucky and blessed.<br />
<br />
Love you

Thank you so much. I am so thankful for my children. I<br />
also appreciate good friends!<br />
Thanks again for your comment.<br />
Best of luck to you too....<br />
Have a great day.

This is something I have also sturggled with. Try accepting the fact that life is unpredictable and that each day may bring things we cannot control and the worst may happen but we can deal with it. It sounds like you've already had to deal with a lot of loss but you are still here. Enjoy those who are still here while they are here..that is what I have had to learn to do. Best of luck to you.