Letting Go

I am paralysed by decisions and tend towards not acting when I should. I am not sure why I put this sort of pressure on myself but I am terrified of making a mistake. My definition of mistake generally being more focused on whether or not my decision is good for others rather than whether or not its good for me. What if someone else dislikes what I decide? I know that sounds silly but its a real concern for me. I constantly seek the approval of others - way too much to be a healthy thing.

WyldHoney WyldHoney
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2008

I agree its difficult to like someone that you think is only trying to please you - there's a sense of dishonesty in them and they arent easy to trust.

Firetech makes good sense... you should listen to him!

First, I think you should recognize that the feelings you describe are common to some extent, in almost all of us.<br />
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Second, I think we are disliked the most when we spend too much time worrying about whether we are disliked. We tend to try to please all and please none.