When I was younger I lived in a lovely 2 story house with a basement. I never told anyone at the time (I was around 6), but I was terrified to go into the basement alone. It was spacious, had a TV and a couch in it, but it was also extremely creepy and full of spiders and strange noises as well as the fact that you couldn't turn the light on until you were all the way down, which was really creepy.
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My dad painted with water proofing that was pitch black our ba<x>sement, but I didnt have a problem there exactly. It was the rest of the house that I brought in the scary stuff. Long story, but the ba<x>sement was fine except when you wanted to see where your stuff was. It haunts people though, that I get. I like the movie Home Alone when he overcomes the ba<x>sement heater.