Scared Of My Brother

this story  shows how scared s***less i am of my brother:about 2 years ago when i was 12 i was swimmin in our tiny above ground pool with my 18 year brother and 17 year old sister. my brother pansted me and held my trunks over my head laughing at my embarresment and my small hairless thing. i jumped to get my pants and scratched him ( ya i know its girly and cheap "hahaha" but i was scared and im a coward) makin him toss the pants on our deck. i scrambled  to get them and i put them on. when i saw him walkin slowly up the ladder lookin p*****  i got so scared i losted control of my bladder and wet myself, which my brother found very amusing. i took off my pants again and tossed them off the deck hoping he might spare me, which he also found amusing. he picked me up and i was too freaked out to do anything but ball my eyes out and he tossed me into the water as i tried to cling to him. i tried gettin out of the pool on the edge but i wasnt very athletic and i was panicing so after fifty tries got one leg over and couldnt get the other one over. my sister then shoved me off  the edge and into a pile of mud from the leaking pool. i ran nude and covered in mud faster than i thought humanly possible to my house 50 yards away after passing in plain view of all the neigbors on the way. it was soooo humiliating.

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Mar 1, 2010