I Can Never Do Or Says Things Right

To behonest I am the problem in the marriage. I am a negative thinker that is getting out of hand and this is spiraling ino my marriage. I keep causing stress when there shouldn't be any. The problem is I keep thinking we have a money/bill problem when we don't. I just start panicking. I think it comes from growing up with the feeling that I don't have money. Each time I get excited in a not a good way about money I feel like my husband is going to turn around and say that's it I am leaving you. I am so scared because I am screwing everything up.

I don't understand why I cannot be happy with what I have which is more than most people.
Forshee Forshee
1 Response Aug 9, 2012

Did you have money problems when growing up. Did your parents have money problems? You might be reliving problems form your past. Try to look at your situation in the present . I wish you the best