My Marriage Is Failing

My husband is emotionally abusive. We do not talk about anything. He spends hours in the study watching movies on the computer. He yell at us when he speaks and he spends very little time with the children.

I am afraid to leave because of financial reasons. He refuses to get help as he is obsessed with money. He will yell at me if I buy things for the children's lunchboxes. We can't touch things in the house that he feels are his.

I actually hate him sometimes. I feel sad for my kids. He had a bad family life and does not know how to be a father. I have bought him books etc, but he won't read them.


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2 Responses Nov 1, 2008

oh bot you sound like you have the same husband as I do, <br />
ive got to do something to, i just signed up to see a therapist and i have a job and believe me im scared too, i also dont have anyone to watch my kids if i go out of town (which i have to do from time to time) I cold stay in this loveless marriage but now im thinking life is too short and i want to find someone to spend time with -go to the moveis with etc. beofre i get too old,<br />
still cant figure out what to do or how to do it either

Sounds like he needs some therapy to help himself. You on the otherhand could also find help how to deal with him if you choose to stay. The children are at risk by watching their fathers bad behavior. That is what they will model if he doesn't change soon! If you choose to leave, then do it for yourself and for your children. You need to find work and receive financial support from your husband. That is the law. You will survive and be ok. Many others in the same situation as you have pulled through. Seek professional advice to save your sanity and kids.