Not Sure

Sometimes I am unsure who I am inside, it's not that I do not know who I am for I do.
But someplace in me I can feel such a bloodthirst, a craving like it's scratching in me to get out. At those time I suprese the deadly in me which would go into fight with anyone or the part in me which seem to prefer to be a **** head. It's a part of me which care for none. I am afraid that I might be unable to contain myself, as my blood burn through my veins...
Sometimes I keep away from people because of this or resign from replying. Poisonus words which are out to hurt, everything about the inside me which wish to do things I am not willing to do. I try to live out this wild side a little so it will be content and not hurt someone to badly if anything. But I am afraid of what this side in me, the thing in me will do sometimes. It's just such a agressive part of me I can not controll... it honestly is the only thing that scares me. This bloodthirst in myself.
Barlong Barlong
26-30, F
Dec 8, 2011