Ok so my weight kind of always been a thing that I wasn't really happy with. I like to stay within a certain range and for the most part I do. I'll go through a phase where I will work out a lot and not really eat that much and lose weight and then I go back to eating normal and then I go back to working out and everything. Ok so last week I had soccer camp and so I was working out a lot and it wasn't really intentional I just wasn't eating that much and I lost weight, more than I expected too. Today I went to the doctor to get my physical (my doctor is one of my best friend's moms and before you ask me, no it is not awkward) Ok so they weighed me and everything and she was like you weigh a little bit less than you did last time, have you lost weight intentionally, and of course I said no because it partly was and she just looked at me like she KNEW. And I'm scared. Like idk whenever I lose weight on purpose I always feel guilty and scared but when I gain weight, I hate myself.
Ashley1421 Ashley1421
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2014

She asked and looked at you like that because she's worried about you. I know it doesn't mean anything to you but you shouldn't hate yourself just for gaining a little weight.