I am a dreadful baby when it comes to having an injection or having a blood sample taken from me.It has been with me since childhood when on ome occasion it hurt so much and has stayed with me to this time.Each time I see the nurse with the needle in her hand I can feel my whole body tense u.Usually they tell me to relax however I never an and have to close my eyes and also look away until I am told it is all over.Even now in my 40's I half expect them to offer me a sweet for being such a brave boy,daft but true!
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Thank you for your contribution to this post.

I think most people dislike having anyone come at them with a needle. However, a phobia is a whole other story. I have a couple of phobias.When faced with either of them, I have a total breakdown. I literally get to the point where I am shaking and crying, just talking about them The thought of being locked in somewhere without a way out, is terrifying, and when it has happened, I have fallen unconscious. When I have to go to the dentist, I have to take Valium [a lot of it] and I have to have someone with me to take me home. I feel for you. I don't have your particular phobia, but I can relate.

Its a weird phobia we must share,thank you for your reply,take care.