Very Afraid..

Yes i could never be a needle pusher cannot stand needles in or around me at all.... I don't like having a doctor poke me with anything let alone some junkie on the Last week I had to get blood drawn and although i hate them i am fascinated at how much blood just gushes out the vein... Craziness... And then they remove the needle and all that leaks to the surface is the tiniest little drop...hmmmm... its a And then I had to get a shot in my butt..... *ouch**tear*.. didn't like that too much either.. Was kind of amusing though when she did, She had me pull my pants down..(obviously) and i lay on the little table and she slaps me butt like three times and with no warning plunges the needle into my a$$... Ouch.. boy and let me tell you what for like the next eight hours my but hurt.. wasn't very pleasant...; (

18-21, F
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yea umm.. no... i dont even know what blood type i

lol... yea im weird..; ) like your new pic..