Cant Touch Them!

I am really wierd as i can get given injections for immunisations no problem i didnt even flinch when i saw the BCG injection coming at me i even watched it and i had a tattoo which involves alot of needles!!


I cant pick up a syringe if there is a needle on it! I go all stuttery, clammy, shakey n even cried! I also was so scared about having my blood taken not that it would hurt but because of the needle! n every time i go to the dentist and need a filling i close my eyes until the needle is out of sight!!

I dont really know where i get this phobia from as it affects me in silly ways!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2007

I get my blood taken a lot and also can't look at the needle...I know what you mean--just can't...the only time I did was when a 3 nurses were rolling my veins and tried thirteen times...I was half delerious crying and kind of remember it but still can't look...