Shots At Doctors Office :

today i consulted a physician for my fatiguability , body pains. He examined & decided to give a vit b complex shot. he was preparing for the injection , i thought i will get it on my arm, but doc told me to lie on the couch in prone position with my butt exposed. I followed doctors orders. it was so embarassing to do so. finally doc came with swab and drug loaded syringe. I was requesting doc to do it slowly. Finally he gave me the shot in my right butt , i screamed with pain .
my butt was hurting very badly that i am not able to lie onbed on that side.
florenceandrew florenceandrew
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

ow! i had pretty much the same reaction the first time i had to get that shot. it's definitely no fun, especially getting them in the butt.