It's a Phobia...

...and, like all phobias, it isn't rational and can't be explained or reasoned away.  I'm terrified of needles.  Of course, the anticipation is always 1,000X worse than the actual experience (which usually isn't all that painful or traumatic).

I find that it helps to explain things up front.  I just tell the needle-bearing health care worker that I'm horrified.  A true professional will be compassionate and help me get through the ordeal.  Many health care workers have told me that they're grateful for the heads-up; it's better to know in advance, rather than have someone try to be brave and then pass out on the floor, scream out in terror, etc.

CallieDog CallieDog
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

Bravado can be a mistake. Throughout my youth and adolescence I was terrified of having to pull down my pants and bend over the receptionist's lap for a shot but always complied in an effort to appear brave before a young lady. The unfortunate result was that my bravado conveyed the impression that I didn't mind the treatment.

That's very good advice. Also, many healthcare workers will let you lie down for these procedures - then it's harder to pass out and if you do, you won't smack your head, at least.