I'm terrified of needles. It's not so much the needles as the syringes attached to them though. They look terrifying to me and the needle is always SO LONG! I especially hate getting shots in my mouth- I can't avoid looking at the needle, and when they shoot the novocaine I can feel it going all the way back into my upper jaw! It's terrible! Whenever I'm getting a shot I have to wiggle my toes the whole time just to distract myself. They always say the worst part of a procedure is the shot, whether it's for an IV or just a syringe of numbing medication or a vaccine or drawing blood... it's true! And it's not very comforting because I hate needles!
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
7 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Only you would know that!

Telling me that needles don't hurt is not "helping me overcome my fear." And no, I don't feel a need to overcome it, because it is a reasonable fear and isn't so great that it hinders my ability to suck it up and take a shot. What is so wrong with that?

Oh I see. You want to keep your fear. You don't want anyone to try to help you overcome it, or even begin to by discussing it. In fact, you don't want to overcome it.

Sorry, but it doesn't matter about experience levels for me. I've also had doctors who were very good with shots, but I HAVE A FEAR OF NEEDLES so I can't help being aware of it and aware of the pain. You're not going to convince me that needles shouldn't hurt; people have different fears and different pain thresholds and I happen to have more of the former and less of the latter when it comes to needles.

A lot depends on the person doing it, some are more skilled than others. During my first pregnancy the needle got stuck during one blood test and the doctor not onloy had to tug to get it out, but that start over o n the other arm. He kept apologizing, but he was so gentle and experienced I hardly felt it.

I always look away as much as I possibly can. It still feels horrible, I can feel it sticking into my skin or wherever and creating so much pressure, it's awful.

Look away. If you don't watch it go in, you hardly feel it. Most of the pain is in the anticipation.