Phobia, I Think.


I’m petrified of needles. They are my biggest fear. I hate them. For medical reasons, I have to have a shot every two weeks, and every time, I have a full-blown panic attack. I’ve started crying during the shots, I’m that terrified. My friend gives them to me, and every time, I start screaming that I hate him, I don’t trust him, and I threaten him to try and get him to back off. The only way I can get through it is if his wife is there, holding my hand and talking to me to keep my calm.


In the hospital, I fight the doctors and nurses and argue with them about the I.V. and stuff. When the I.V. is actually in, I can stand it for an hour at most before I start screaming and flipping out. I’ve tried to explain my fear to the doctors (who don’t appreciate my hysterics), but they brush it off as a discomfort. It’s not a discomfort. It’s full blown terror.


I still remember my first experience when I consciously recognized a needle. I forget how old I was, but I was pretty young. Maybe three? Anyways, this nurse came in and put the needle in front of me. I guess she thought that I wouldn’t know what one was, and by all technicalities, I shouldn’t have. But I did and I started screaming and crying and fighting. It took my mom and another nurse to hold me down for the shot.


I hate needles. With a passion. I don’t know why. Prior to the incident above, I have no memory of needles, and I was terrified of them back then, obviously… It’s definitely a phobia. If anyone has seen Saw II, remember that scene with the needles? Yeah, that scene scared me more than any other scene in any other horror movie I’ve ever watched.

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i hate needles had terrible experiences too HURT so dam bad feel free to talk to me about it

That's a good idea. I'll try it next time. Thanks :)

If its possible, ask for a seditive. If not, try this (it may sound a bit odd but it works for me) When it's almost time for your shot, make fun of the needle in your head. Laugh at it and abuse it. Belittle it. Treat it like a person you hate and have no respect for, but your not scared of them, they just make you laugh and pity them. You are the boss of the needle, it's only there to serve you etc . Yes it sounds stupid, but try it. You'll be surprised!