Held Down Like a Crazy Person

one day when i was...i dunno, 9?  i had to get my TB shot.  for some reason i think these shots give me even more of the creeps than the others.  i guess that day just wasn't the right day and as soon as i saw the needle i totally snapped. at first i just said no and fussed around.  eventually i was crying and kicking and screaming and eventually they had the doctor, my dad, and the nurse hold me down.  lol.  i guess it was kind of funny, but come on, i really didn't think it was necessary to restrain a kid down like that, no matter how much of a little 'brat' i could have been.  it doesn't do a thing for the phobia obviously.  it more than anything is traumatizing lol.

i don't know...still scared of needles and doctors though.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2007

I don't think doctors should have the right to hold someone down like that. It can be really traumatic.<br />
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When I was 7 I had to have surgery. They shoved the gas mask onto my face and I pulled it away. Instead of explaining to me what they were trying to do with it, he pinned me down onto the bed and shoved in on my face, holding it on me as I panicked, thinking I was going to die. <br />
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I wonder if that's why I have nightmares about not being able to breathe...

aww... that must've been really traumatizing...<br />
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i remember having to be held down at the dentist's office once... lol