Why Not Me

I am months away from getting married, and sex is something that has been lacking all along. When we have it, it great.  Absolutely the best sex I have ever had.   In other relationships, I had sex all the time....more than 1 a day on average...now it's down to once every two weeks.  I love him.   I couldn't be without him.

He has always said that sex is no big deal.  I try to accept this as just who he is.   I always thought it was the ultimate connection, but he is the only person I have loved like this.

His last partner was a pretty crazy girl.  We were friends first, and while he was with her he used to tell me how she drove him crazy and he couldn't wait and blah blah blah.  

He says he loves me...two, three times a day...Sometimes more.  Verbally, he loves me SO much.

I have stopped asking or initiating...because I hate the rejection, but it also is building a little resentment when I need to be "on" if he feels like it because he may not feel like it again for a while.

I am resigned....

Kelby Kelby
Feb 27, 2009